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Dissertation Topics in Management- With 20+ examples

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In pursuit of your MBA program, you will have to submit your dissertation in management as a culminating power of your studies. Nonetheless, there are so many management students who face hardships when coming up with dissertation topics in management and even writing the dissertation itself.  In case you have any problems coming up with your management dissertation topic, feel free to contact our MBA essay writing experts to help you come up with a unique dissertation topic.

Management studies do pave the way for future managers who play a fundamental role in ensuring smooth operations in companies, organizations, nations, and the world. As you finalize your graduate studies, you will be required to write a dissertation. A dissertation in management helps you present your ideas, convictions, and belief in the management industry. 

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How to choose the best dissertation topic in management 

Writing a dissertation necessitates an exercise of due diligence since you need to plan. The entire process does commence with you determining an ideal dissertation topic in management. There are multiple trends and issues within and around the world of management, and you must identify an area where you will consecrate your dissertation. There are traditionally researched trends and issues that you can expound more on, or you could choose a new trend in management and have your dissertation cover it through. Below are guidelines that, when followed, will enable you to develop the best dissertation topics in management. 

As noted above, there are so many management trends and issues that your dissertation can cover. Therefore, ensure to examine different trends and jot them down. The trends can be newly discovered or already in existence. The idea is to have an area of concentration for your dissertation. 

What area blends well with your interests?

Human beings are wired differently as what interests you doesn’t necessarily appeal to another. Therefore, ensure to settle for an area that is dear to your interests. Through developing an interest in a given field, your intuition levels and research abilities will skyrocket. 

Ensure to moderately narrow down your topic

A broader topic will make your dissertation writing process complex. Therefore, ensure to narrow down your topic to a more manageable piece. Moderation is necessary as you need to avoid over-narrowing the topic. In other words, you need a researchable topic for your management dissertation. 

Conduct some preliminary research

With your narrowed-down topic, it is advisable to conduct some research that will enable you to determine how well you can manage the topic. Therefore, through some preliminary research exercise, you will develop an insightful understanding of whether your chosen topic is worth focusing on. Avoid topics that are hard to research, no matter how interesting the topic gets. 

Tips on how to write a management dissertation 

When it comes to writing your management dissertation, ensure to consider the guidelines below. 

Have a topic in place and understand the guidelines presented by your dissertation advisor

The first step to writing a successful dissertation is developing a catchy and exciting topic. The guidelines will help you identify the best dissertation topic in management for your paper. However, you need to understand all the guidelines as presented by the dissertation committee. The guidelines help you understand the right dissertation structure to follow, the language to use, the number of words and pages, and the citation style. Without a thorough understanding of the guidelines, you will end up missing the dissertation threshold. 

Facilitate a comprehensive research

You need to get thorough and research your topic extensively. Through researching, you will save a lot of time while generating sufficient material for your dissertation. Therefore, identify ideal sources for your project. How valid and reliable are your sources? For a successful writing process, you need to identify the right sources for your project. Therefore, identify published journals, blogs, management books, articles, and educations forums with information ideal for your paper. 

Get down into writing 

You need to identify a very conducive environment to write your dissertation. Have all your notes ready and organized in sequential order. Your writing process will only get more straightforward when you have a profound plan. Therefore, ensure to generate an outline for your paper. Your outline features the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, conclusions, bibliography, and appendices segments. 

Keenness is necessary when writing your dissertation. Thus, ensure to develop stick abilities to your writing time and location to attract the right energy and focus. Distractions will set your paper into ruin. 

Edit your paper

The last step to writing your dissertation in management is proofreading your first draft and facilitating the necessary edits. Editing sets your project for success. Therefore, take your time and check your work’s flow, grammar, and relevance. 

Examples of dissertation topics in management 

Dissertation topics in management

1. Big corporations’ impacts on ethical values.

2. Tourism industry management models.

3. Client relationships management in the financial sector.

4. The modern workplace and stereotypical gender roles.

5. How motivation is important in the workplace and how it moves employees.

6. How leadership influences competitiveness inside a company.

7. Business management against discrimination risks.

8. Benefits that management capability knowledge can bring to organizations.

9. Reward systems effect on employee performance.

10. Business strategy review and how technology rules over it in totality.

11. How technology take the lead in business negotiations.

12. Stochastic modelling in fleet management in the shipping container industry.

13. Examining the impacts of cultural diversity on interaction process and performance.

14. Impacts of policy feedback on the organizational change culture with respect to financial firms.

15. Comprehensive study on management of family-owned business.

16. Managing employee commitment to non-profit organizations.

17. How globalization influences management strategies.

18. Impacts of ‘voice’ and ‘silence’ analysis on destructive leadership.

19. Effective contemporary fixed asset practices.

20. Impacts of currency exchange rates on the stock market.

21. HR policies and their influence on employee job satisfaction.

22. Different types of leadership styles.

23. Latest marketing tools verses traditional marketing tools.

24. Factors determining organizational success.

25. Information systems in organization.

26. Impact of gender equality on business management.

27. Ways to deal with internal conflicts.

28. How e-commerce companies decide business profitability.

29. Application of knowledge management in technology firms.

30. Impacts of daily psychological power analysis on organization leaders.

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With the right approach, you are guaranteed to write the best dissertation in management. The process starts with the identification of a catchy and ideal topic for your project. Understand the above guidelines, which will fully equip you in writing the best dissertation. 

How many hours should you spend on a dissertation?

Some people usually plan to spend 2-3 hours each day on their dissertation. Others plan to write two pages each day. Essentially, make sure to work on the writing and research aspects of your paper for at least 2 hours every day.

What are the five chapters of a dissertation?

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of Literature
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Presentation of Research
Chapter 5: Summary, Implications, and Conclusions

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