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Dissertation Topics in Finance- 25+ options for 2021

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Finding dissertation topics in finance can be one of two ways. It can be a piece of cake – if you take your time to do your research and plan thoroughly – or it can be one of the worst decisions in your life. So what is it going to be? Don’t let it be the latter; get a dissertation service to help you if it gets too difficult.

Whether it is a master’s or doctorate in finance, you will be required to do a dissertation. It makes a considerable part of the course credits and, as such, requires your utmost attention. 

Like all writing pieces, dissertations must have a discussion topic that demonstrates your comprehension of conducting discipline-specific research within a specified time frame. Choosing a dissertation topic is the first step of a long journey. 

When it comes to selecting a dissertation topic in finance, let us say that one might develop ulcers at the thought of finding one. Confusion arises as to what to include after reading so much or having too much but not knowing how to structure it. To simplify your work, below are some methods to help you choose an excellent topic for your finance dissertation.

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How to choose the best dissertation topics in finance

Master the guidelines.

Before the commencement of any project, the supervisor must give guidelines or instructions. It is a crucial step to know the requirements to help you establish your dissertation scope. Guidelines also check on your dissertation’s practicality, which will enable you to understand what you need to research for your dissertation.

Brainstorm and make a list of three or more topics.

Finance on its own is a vast field. Research and decide on a particular area to base your scope of the study. One’s intellectual interest can be used as a guide in choosing a field. While deciding upon the dissertation topics, do basic research about the subject matter. Choose a topic that involves current issues and is backed up by readily available data as such topics always leave a substantial impact on readers. 

Research on picked topics

Researching helps one gain a basic understanding of the subject and clarity on what to include in the dissertation. Data is an essential aspect of any research as it makes it more convincing. Dissertation topics in finance should be backed up by relevant and reliable data sourced from books, news, articles, interviews, blogs, or websites.

Choose a relevant topic.

You already have a list of topics to choose from, now narrow them down to one that interests you to meet your ultimate objective. Of course, your selected topic should be academically, socially, authentic, and practically relevant. It is possible to choose a topic that interests you but has no relevance whatsoever, thus failing to deliver on the dissertation’s purpose. Choose a topic that is interesting but also relevant to the goal of your thesis.

Seek out assistance. 

It can be frustrating not to be able to come up with a topic idea. One can seek help from peers or professors if the process seems challenging. Having a group discussion to help you where you are stuck in determining dissertation topics in finance comes in handy as you get introduced to other points of view. Your professor or supervisor can also guide you to determine whether a topic can be taken for a dissertation while also working on other essentials needed.

Tips on how to write a dissertation in finance.

The meat of the work is in the actual writing of the dissertation. You might not know how to go about and write a dissertation, but with these simple steps, the journey of a thousand miles will begin.

  • Plan. Have a plan on how you will be doing your writing. Begin a writing routine simultaneously and place each day as the dissertation needs time to be tended to. A writing schedule will help you organize yourself.
  • Start with a draft. Begin freewriting down your dissertation as you give shape to your thoughts. It does not have to be perfect as it is a sample contributing to your Final Draft.
  • Have a notebook. Throughout your research, ideas come and go. Keep a notebook to jot down relevant thoughts that come up to help you in writing.
  • Begin with any sections. You don’t have to begin at the introduction. Compose different areas of the dissertation that you are sure of if the introduction is not forthcoming. 
  • Be part of a writing group. As lonely as it seems, sometimes writing is a social activity. You can use this platform to exchange drafts, ideas, and experiences that bring fun to seriousness.
  • Consider a potential supervisor. It is good to have a different eye. Apart from your dissertation supervisor, talk to other department professors and get different views on your idea.

Dissertation topics in finance

The concept and outcome of management audit.

Capital structure determinants and dividend policy.

Microfinance in developing country.

Supply chain finance optimization in banking for increasing efficiency.

Foreign direct investment effects on economic growth.

Investments of Bank Community Development Corporation in community economic development.

Advantages and disadvantages of private equity investment in the European Union.

Financial risks faced by a business in modern business environment.

Advantages and risks linked with portfolio maximization.

Barriers to credit and investment to minority business entrepreneurs.

Insurable risk as a requirement for the insurance contracts.

Industry and firm characteristics influence on the capital structure of small medium enterprises.

Maximizing supply chain finance in banking for increasing the efficiency.

Asymmetric information and market interest analysis.

Traits of a successful microfinance institution.

Capital structure effects on the stock returns in the petrochemical industry.

Problems faced by the elderly in digital banking.

Trade block analysis and their impact on the banking sector.

Importance of credit flow to the agronomic industry.

Ways that banking industry has been transformed by IT.

Financial statements of VISA and MasterCard.

Comparing financial investments in Asia and Europe.

Best security practices for online banking and online transactions.

Corporate social responsibility in the banking industry.

Identifying and quantifying high probability trading strategies in the foreign exchange.


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While the dissertation’s actual writing is a long-term project that requires patience, picking the right dissertation topics in finance makes the process bearable and fun. It is advisable to choose the best topic for maximum impact.

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