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Dissertation Statement Of The Problem

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A remarkable dissertation features a systematically crafted statement of the problem.

Nonetheless, many people don’t understand the best way to identify a problem and write the problem statement for their research. 

If you are reading this, you agree that a dissertation isn’t complete in the absence of a statement of the problem.

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Your research or dissertation must identify new techniques fundamental to solving a particular problem, hence provide a certain comfort level.

Therefore, there is no solution without identifying the problem first.

There is still hope as below are guidelines fundamental to crafting and writing a remarkable statement of your dissertation’s problem. 

The Process Of Writing a Dissertation Statement Of The Problem

The only way to solve a problem is by identifying and defining it first. You can never solve a problem that you haven’t defined whatsoever.

Therefore, you need to identify the problem before writing the statement of the problem. You should ensure that you prepare extensively and research the problem.

Have your thoughts organized and understand the problem in-depth, then write the problem statement. 

Why Is The Statement Of The Problem Important?

Through a statement of the problem, you will manage to transform a commonly-viewed problem into a brief and well-defined statement.

Through the statement of the problem, you will manage to forge the dissertation’s purpose and stick within the perimeters of your investigation or research

In your dissertation, the statement of the problem remains the core pillar of the introductory chapter.

A reader will examine your statement of the problem alongside with the scope of your research project and research questions. 

Your statement of the problem generates a foundation for your research and introduces your dissertation.

Therefore, you need to craft and write your problem statement keenly to avoid inconsistencies and unmanageable results in your research. 

How To Write A Dissertation Problem Statement

When writing a dissertation, the majority of students ask questions like; what is a problem statement?

Or how is a problem statement for a dissertation written?

The questions are commonly asked, and you can only answer them through understanding the following questions. 

  • What is the problem?
  • Where did the problem occur?
  • When did the problem occur?
  • How much or to what extent is the problem
  • How do you know this? 

What Is The Problem?

Through answering this question, you will discover the defects or shortcomings of the identified problem. The “what” question will also explain why the problem matters great a deal. 

Where Did The Problem Occur?

Your problem must have a geographical setting. Therefore, you will allow your readers to understand areas where the problem has surfaced and is prevailing through answering this question. 

When Did The Problem Occur?

What is the pattern for the identified problem? How long has the problem prevailed?

You need to showcase the historical background of the problem.

Therefore, the “when” question eyes on explaining the patterns and history of the problem at hand. 

How Much Or To What Extent Is The Problem

What is the trend of the problem? How fast is the problem trending, and how many objects are affected, and to what extent? 

How Do You Know This? 

The question gives you a platform to acknowledge the standards that you need to uphold throughout your research. 

Steps To Follow When Writing A Problem Statement For Your Dissertation

  • Understand the problem
  • Show the importance and relevance of the problem.
  • Take time to establish the aim and objectives.

Understand The Problem

Every dissertation has a problem being investigated. Through your statement of the problem, readers will understand the research problem clearly and concisely.

Therefore, you need to research the problem and acknowledge the research gaps that your research investigation can fill. It is through understanding the problem in lengths that you understand the entire project.  

Show The Importance And Relevance Of The Problem.

While showing the importance of the problem being investigated by your research, readers will acknowledge the research’s relevance.

As a researcher, you need to show why your investigation is relevant to the specific area of study.

Therefore, you need to clearly and concisely show why further research is necessary. 

Take Time To Establish The Aim And Objectives.

You need to provide a framework for your research. Establishing objectives and the aim is the last step and must provide a framework on how the problem at hand will be solved.

Your problem statement must never provide a specific solution to the problem.

Nonetheless, it should concentrate on making readers understand the problem or the causes of the problem. 

The aim you establish is the primary purpose of your research. Objectives are the ladder steps that you follow to address your aim adequately. 

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A statement of the problem plays a vital role in any research study. Therefore, you need to understand what a problem statement is and how to write one remarkably. The above guidelines help position you on the right path towards writing the best dissertation problem statement. 

How do you write a dissertation problem statement?

First put what you already know in context, describe what the research will address, show that the research is relevant and then set the objectives of the research.

How do you write a dissertation problem statement?

simply put a statement that is set to address a certain problem

What is an example of a problem statement?

A good problem statement should be clear concise of issues that need to be addressed.

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