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College and university students are at one given time required to write definition essays. Writing an essay without thoroughly understanding the right format and having ideal definition essay topics is impossible. 

You will agree with me that as a student, you are subject to receiving assignments where you are to define a specific notion or concept through an essay.

Definition essays are ubiquitous in schools. Nonetheless, most students are always experiencing hardships figuring out the right format or even the definition essay topics to write about.

You can’t understand the best way to craft and write a definition essay without understanding the proper format. This article helps you acknowledge some of the definition essay topics and the correct format to follow when writing. 

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What Is A Definition Essay?

As a student, you must write an essay that helps avail nitty-gritty understanding or knowledge about a particular concept, notion, or word. Generally, definition essays focus on complex terms, subjects, or ideas. There are instances when students settle for simple definition essay topics, which eventually give them a lot of a hard time writing an essay. A problematic topic or subject helps create a platform for you to write a detailed article.

The definition essay topics may vary from one subject to another. Nonetheless, the format or structure for writing the essay remains constant. Regardless of a definition essay that a student selects, the paper should be one-paged. 

Definition Essay Topics Types

At the beginning of a course unit, professors assign students definition essays to explore a given word or concept. There are three different categories for these definition essay concepts. 

  • Abstract
  • Place
  • Adjective


Abstract concepts explore how thorough you are in defining complex topics. An abstract concept is both complicated and vast. Good examples of this concept are love, generosity, liberty, hate, ambition, and pride. Therefore, through your essay, you are to break down the ideas for your readers. 


Essays focusing on a place concept explore your knowledge and understanding of a specific place. Therefore, you might be obligated to write about a state, house, country, City, park, room, or a neighborhood. The size of the place doesn’t matter as it might be small or huge.

As a student, you should choose a place that you are acquainted with. The majority of students make a mistake of choosing a place that they know nothing about and rely on their research, which is insufficient at times. 


Essays that follow the objective concept define a particular adjective. For instance, you might consider defining a friend, law, or even present and describe whether it’s good or bad. Therefore, the essay focuses more on the characteristics and qualities of an adjective. 

How To Choose Definition Essay Topics

For most students, choosing the appropriate word for their paper is an overly problematic task. There are instances when your professor avails a topic for the definition essay.

Nonetheless, if you are at liberty of choosing a topic on your own, keenness must be exercised. Therefore, ensure to select words, concepts, or notions with more than one meaning and interpretations.

Students who choose words with single and direct meaning experience paucities when writing their definition essay. Therefore, consider words with a lot of disputes and meaning in terms of the context. 

Definition Essays Writing Format

The majority of students get down to writing their essays without understanding all the parts of their definition essay. Therefore, ensure to know how a term, word, or concept will be defined. Brainstorming on the different parts of your essay helps you develop an outline. 

A definition essay follows a five-paragraph format. Therefore, you need to have an introduction, three-body-paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. There are instances when you might have more than three-body sections depending on the aspects of defining a term or word. 

The body paragraphs should have the first paragraph giving info on the history of the word followed by a section for the denotative definition and finally, the connotative meaning. 

Generally, the introduction paragraph doesn’t need a hook to grab the attention of the readers. Instead, it would be best if you gave interesting facts through quotations.

Background information for the word is availed in the introduction. Apart from the quoted dictionary definition, you provide a thesis definition that helps your readers understand the concept in-depth. 

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An Example Of A Definition Essay

Best Definition Essays Topics To Write on

  1. Tsunami
  2. Politics
  3. Communism 
  4. Selfie 
  5. Social Media
  6. Will
  7. Individuality
  8. Power
  9. Lie
  10. Lawer
  11. Terrorism
  12. Northern lights
  13. E-commerce
  14. NATO 
  15. Surrealism
  16. Dependence
  17. Weakness
  18. Downshifting 
  19. Independence
  20. Happiness
  21. Strong leader 
  22. Buddhism
  23. Sense of humour 
  24. Love
  25. Kindness
  26. Modern Art
  27. Marriage 
  28. Businesswoman
  29. Ambitions
  30. Success
  31. Peer pressure
  32. Optimism
  33. Team leader
  34. Charisma
  35. Respect
  36. Natural Beauty
  37. Family
  38. Perfect couple
  39. Racism
  40. Seniorities
  41. The American dream
  42. Home
  43. Rudeness
  44. Fashion
  45. A good partner
  46. Honesty
  47. The perfect shopping Experience
  48. Freedom
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Writing a successful definition essay takes skills and a detailed topic. Therefore, ensure to brainstorm on different definition essay topics and determine the one that suits you perfectly. The thorough you are in expounding a word the sweeter the essay. 

What is a definition essay?

A definition essay refers to an essay that explains what a term means.

What is an essay topic?

This refers to the subject of the paragraph which can be an issue or idea.

How do you write a definition in an essay?

To write a definition essay you need to use your own words to introduce and explain the meaning of the terms in the body of the essay and not the introduction.

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