Child Abuse Research Paper

Child Abuse Research Paper

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There are so many challenges experienced by students when handling child abuse research paper. Nevertheless, when approached correctly, one gets to write the essay within the shortest time possible, thus meeting the deadline and earning a remarkable grade.

You will agree with me that child abuse is a complex topic to write a research paper. For years, students and scholars have tried to deal with child abuse preventive measures, call to action, and even remedy essays.

Professors have focused on child abuse research papers making it one of the most popular essay tasks in colleges and universities. No doubt writing a research paper on child abuse is a daunting task, but all hope is not lost. Below are the considerations you need to take when a child abuse research paper.

Tips On How To Write A Child Abuse, Research Paper 

Choosing An Educative Child Abuse Research Paper Theme

Did you know that there is a child abuse report made in the US in approximately ten seconds? Every day, children are lost due to child abuse. There are millions of children victimized in child abuse hassles. Therefore, your primary purpose when tackling a child abuse essay is to remain educative in all your arguments.

It is imperative to raise awareness of your audience. Many people are aware of child abuse but are never open to immediate or postponed aftermaths. Over the years, children who have been victims of child abuse tend to imitate their parents or guardians and abuse their kids. Research shows that around 80% of child abusers grow up abused. 

What are the postponed risks that abused children are exposed to?

  • Drug addiction
  • Depression
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Exposure to sexual behavior and activities at an early age
  • Being violent in adulthood
  • Psychological disorders
  • Death

Choosing A Topic And A Thesis Statement

It deems fit that you define a subject for your research paper. Child abuse is a broad field, and you can’t deal with everything in your essay. Therefore, narrowing and prioritizing go hand in hand. It would help if you acknowledged a unique but educative way to sail your argument home. 

Once you define a topic, you need to identify your main idea. The central concept must be communicated in a thesis statement. The thesis helps inform your readers what the paper is all about and your focus regarding child abuse. 

Child Abuse Topics To Consider For Your Research Paper

There are so many topics available for you when it comes to writing a child abuse research paper. However, it would help if you researched your topic more to garner enough information for your topic and the article. Identify your material sources keenly and verify their reliability. 

Below are a few topics to consider:

  • How does child abuse enlarge violence circles in society?
  • Can the downplayed memories of childhood abuse affect an adult’s living manners?
  • How does child abuse affect and influence future acquaintances and relationships?
  • How does child abuse relate to low self-esteem?
  • What are the psychological aftermaths of child abuse?
  • What preventive measures should in place to prevent and fight child abuse?
  • Are child abuse victims considered future abusers?
  • What role do social services play in child abuse?
  • What is the difference between child punishment and abuse?
  • Does counselling work for child abuse victims?
  • Do culture and religion fuel child abuse?

Different Types Of Child Abuse

There are four different types of child abuse today; sexual, emotional, physical, and neglect. A child with physical injuries is abused physically. There are kids out there who suffer humiliation, verbal attacks, and even confinements of any kind. Such kids are emotionally abused. 

Today, the majority of child abuse victims suffer from neglect. Neglect child abuse baskets both emotional and physical types of child abuse; hence, it is the most lethal type of child abuse. For instance, a child experiencing undernourishment is neglected. 

Sexual abuse is the last type. There are so many kids molested today. Fondling is another way to abuse a child sexually without having them participate in any unwanted sexual activity. 

Writing Your Paper

Once you define your topic and focus area, you should get down to write the research paper. You must gather as much information as possible on the topic. Therefore, commence your writing task early enough. Ample time helps you get thorough and avail of a viable argument in an educative manner. 

Your paper must remain grammatical-error-free. Therefore, proofread your work again and again. Develop a simple outline and follow it strictly. The outline helps you identify what to cover in your introduction, body, and conclusion. 

It would help if you avoided distinct arguments that many students focus on while writing their child abuse research papers. Therefore, examine the hotbed topics on child abuse, research on them, and write keenly. Consequently, you will meet the requirements of your tutor hence, earning the best grade. 


Children who experience abuse fail to develop proper emotional health. This leads to the development of psychological orders, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Each of these disorders may lead an adult to suicide. This is because of their inability to cope with the process.

In other cases, they turn to substance abuse to be to deal with their emotional abuse. Sexual abuse leads to engagement in early sex. Most sexually abused victims lead promiscuous life as adults because they train to normalize sex as children.

An Example On How To Write A Child Abuse Research Paper

Child Abuse



The Possible Impact of Child Abuse on The Future Relationships

Children in the United states are reported to be victims of abuse on a daily basis. This ranges from physical to emotional abuse based on children of different ages, genders and races. Neglect is also categorized as a form of abuse. Neglect entails ignoring the care that a child needs by failing to meet their physical and mental needs. When it comes to physical abuse, it is categorized but actions such as hitting, slapping, punching and choking of a child. Millions of children experience a form of abuse from their guardians during their development years. It is not unusual for children who have been subjected to physical abuse to have marks which allows outsiders to identify this as a sign of abuse. Contrary to physical abuse, emotional abuse is difficult to detect for outside parties.

Emotional abuse entails actions such as yelling, bulling and threats towards children who are defenseless. Emotional abuse may come from a parent, guardian or relative who has custody of a child. Sexual abuse has also grown to become a common phenomenon among children. This involves the unwanted and nonconsensual handling of a child for the sexual satisfaction of an abuser. Using force during sexual abuse connects physical abuse to emotional abuse. When children grow up in a surrounding with a lack of basic need such as water, housing, food and healthcare, they fail to receive the proper care that they need. Being unable to provide for their physical and emotional needs is categorized as neglect which goes on to be child abuse.

In many cases, when a child is subject to sexual abuse in a certain age bracket, it is predominantly experienced in a certain age compared to others. Most of the children who are reported to be subjected to abuse are three years and below. At this age a child may be unable to both comprehend and defend the nature of the abuse that they are experiencing. Many at times, their abuser is someone who they trust, someone they have been raised around and a person who they do not believe could bring them to harm. Studies reveal that many times, the child is familiar with their perpetrator. This leads them to assume that the abuse that they experience is a norm and it is imprinted in their emotional growth. Such children subject this abuse to their future partners with the believe that this behavior is normal as they were led to believe when they were young. Many people do not recognize that their behavior as adults is inappropriate because as children, they did not have a healthy comparison to attachment. Contrary to that, they were exposed to a series of abusive mannerism. This becomes a part of their behavior as adults. Since this is their view of love as children, they abuse the people that they love believing it to be an expression of affection.

Children who experience abuse in their early years develop psychological orders when they grow into adults. Some of the common disorders that they experience include anxiety disorder, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. These result from their unhealthy development. Although they might not realize it most of these disorders develop far back in their childhood and they grow up around maltreatment. Having a similar disorder increases their risk of having suicidal thoughts. When an individual grows up with an inability to cope with their emotions then they turn to other mechanisms to help them cope with the situation. Many at times, these mechanisms involve self-harm.

 Children who grew up around child abuse turn to substance abuse to help them cope. It is common for these children to develop promiscuous behavior. This is especially when they are susceptible to child abuse. They do not realize that the abuse alters their normal development and causes them to turn to sexual activities as a means of relief. Many girls who were molested at a young age begin to have sex at an early age. This is as a result of the abuse they experienced in their early years that normalized sexual activity.

Children who survive abuse find it difficult to develop interpersonal relationships as adults. As a result of the abuse they faced as children they develop trust issues even among their partners and a fear of intimacy. This is because the people who they looked up to for acre caused them harm. Some of these victims involve themselves in abusive relationships. This is because their childhood attachment to their perpetrators cause them to have a hindrance to development of interpersonal relationships. When child abuse is not resolved at a young age, it becomes more difficult to resolve at an adult age. It depends on therapy and the willingness of a victim to move past their abuse to resolve the issue.

What are the four main areas of abuse?

The four primary areas of abuse are sexual child abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Which type of abuse is the hardest to detect?

Psychological/ emotional abuse is the hardest to detect this is because it coexists with other forms of violence.

What are the signs of abuse?

The signs of abuse include:
Low self esteem
sign of distress
Change of appetite
An air of silent when a person is present

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