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Academic Paper Format

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Writing academic papers is the order of the day for the university, college, and high school students. The question is, what is the ideal academic paper format?

Academic papers play an important role in the life of a student more so when showcasing their abilities. Students get a podium through academic papers. Which is for demonstrating the knowledge and understanding they have in a given topic.

Additionally, the student gets to portray their data collection skills as they write the paper. Students need to follow the predefined academic writing format.

You will acknowledge in this article what an academic paper is. How to write one. The acceptable format to follow. 

What Is An Academic Paper?

Students write academic papers to explain new information and developing new ideas to communicate a particular message.

Through academic writing, students sharpen their writing and researching skills.

Students who write remarkable academic papers are always articulate, confident, and clear in all their communications in life. 

An Ideal Academic Paper Format

A remarkable academic paper contains five paragraphs. The paper must have an introduction, a conclusion, and three paragraphs designated for the body.


You need to develop an outline before writing the paper. The outline helps you stick within the perimeters of your topic and thesis.

The outline must focus on the introduction, body, and conclusion parts. 


The introduction should be compelling and catchy. The readers’ attention must be snatched hence being motivated to read the essay more and more.

In general,

You can start your introduction paragraph using a rhetorical question, a citation, or a factual avowal. The first line will always avail of an appealing hook for the readers. Once the readers are hooked, ensure to present the thesis statement. 


After capturing the attention of the readers through your introductory paragraph, you should consider feeding your readers with the information they need.

The body is always a more significant segment of academic paper writing. Allow the body paragraphs to expound more on the thesis.

While crafting the body paragraphs, accuracy must be at the peak. Remain factual and present your evidence to the readers. You need to be careful with your choice of words.


Unwanted vocabularies make the paper vague and somehow hard to follow. The consistency of the paper is subject to the craftsmanship employed in developing the paragraphs.

A paragraph should have at least five paragraphs and seven utmost. 

The conclusion 

The conclusion avails a summary of the entire paper or presentation. The social relevance of the paper is showcased.

You need to avail your standpoint, and where your paper started with a question, use the last sentence as the answer line. 


Academic paper writing is not as complicated as many people misconceive. Nonetheless, keenness is necessitated more so in maintaining the ideal format.

The above facts help you acknowledge the right procedure to follow when writing your academic essays. 

Types of Academic Papers 

There are multiple types of academic papers and essays serving different purposes but they tend to have closely related structures.

There are four main types;

  • expository
  • descriptive
  • narrative
  • persuasive

Descriptive paper

The student or author is to focus on a specific encounter or experience and describes it to their readers. Descriptive papers are subjective. They necessitate a high level of creativity and storytelling skills.

In addition to that,

Descriptive essays help draw an image to the readers while evoking specific feelings. 

Persuasive paper

The paper necessitates students to remain argumentative and portray salesperson abilities. The author is to present a specific idea, opinion, or project to the readers while appealing to their exceptional intellect.

The readers must be fully convinced that the information available in the paper is the only truth obtainable.

And another thing,

Have your emotional tactics blending well with logical tactics to avoid being loudmouthed. 

Narrative papers 

The student creates a compelling story for the readers.

An academic narrative paper can be considered a compressed novel. The story must be narrated creatively while using strong adjectives. 

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Expository academic papers

For a student to write this type of paper, they must be ready to research and gather remarkable and undeniable facts about a given topic.

The information cited in the article must be followed by evidence that cannot be disapproved.

Expository papers serve the purpose of educating and informing readers about a given field or topic. 

Academic paper format

How do you write an academic paper?

To write an academic paper, you need to choose your topic of interest, then do a thorough research of the selected topic, formulate your thesis and come up with an outline, write a draft of the essay then lastly revise the draft and write the final content.

What makes a good academic paper?

An excellent academic paper should have a thesis statement, which is the main argument of the paper. Ensure your thesis is clear, specific, and arguable.

What should be avoided when writing an academic paper?

The following should be avoided; informal vocabulary, rhetorical questions, use of adverbs within verbs, contractions then finally run-on sentences/ expression.

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