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How To Write An Abortion Research Paper

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If you are about to write an abortion research paper, here is how to go about it. It is also as easy as choosing the type of research paper to write, choosing a topic, creating an outline, researching, writing your essay, and citing credible sources.

Abortion is a controversial topic in society. It encompasses various arguments and questions that touch on law, ethics, morality, medicine, philosophy, and religious beliefs to determine whether someone should terminate a pregnancy before normal birth. Additionally, the subject attracts varying public opinions.

These are the reasons why writing a research paper about abortion is the right decision. However, writing an excellent essay might be challenging. If at the end of this article you are still not how to write an abortion research paper, you can buy your paper online to avoid falling.

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Types Of Abortion Research Papers

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of abortion research paper you want to write. The tutor typically provides the paper outline for the students. However, some tutors will leave the decision with you to understand the various research papers.

Argumentative Abortion Research Paper

The Argumentative research paper requires that students determine their position through a thesis statement. Also, persuade their audience to adopt the same perspective. 

Analytical Abortion Research Paper

The analytical paper requires that learners design a research question and take a neutral position on a given topic. Then, they should present information in a well-supported and well-structured critical analysis without convincing the audience to adopt a specific point of view.

An Overview Of Writing An Excellent Abortion Research Paper

If you are writing an argumentative essay, start by deciding if you are for or against abortion. You can let your personal opinions guide you on this. However, researching and building strong arguments will enable you to take your position based on facts.

Ideally, there are two major groups in the abortion debate. There is the ‘pro-choice’ group that supports abortion. They advocate for women’s rights stating that women should decide whether to carry a pregnancy to term or not. 

Abortion research paper- how to write one

On the other hand, is the ‘pro-life’ group. They are against abortion and claim that the fetus has rights and must be treated like other humans. 

Abortion research paper- how to write one

Therefore, you must choose the side that you belong and create a persuasive argument.

If you are writing an analytical abortion essay, you must be neutral. You must analyze both sides of the topic and evaluate the most significant arguments. Then, provide a detailed and balanced overview of the two approaches while analyzing their strong and weak points.

You should give your reader the freedom to choose their stance depending on how well you explain both sides of abortion.

Steps For Writing An Abortion Research Paper

  • Choose a topic
  • Create an outline
  • Do your research and start writing

Choose A Topic

Abortion is a broad subject, and there are lots of issues that you can choose. Some abortion essay topics include;

i. The impact of abortion on the reproductive health of women

ii. Why abortion should be legalized

iii. Is abortion murder?

Here is a list of exciting topic examples

Abortion research paper- how to write one

Create An Outline

A research paper outline is essential because it is the structure of your write-up. It should as well be composed of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is an example of an excellent outline.

Abortion research paper- how to write one

Do Your Research And Start Writing

You must do as much research as possible regarding your topic. That helps you create solid arguments that persuade your reader. Once you have the information you need, start writing.

How To Write A Good Introduction With Relevant Examples

Firstly, the introduction should include a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention. It can be an anecdote, quote, statistic, or question that is relevant to your arguments. It should also include a thesis statement that guides what your paper will discuss.

Finally, one should add a transition statement to the body to give your abortion research paper a good flow, as seen in the following examples.

Argumentative Abortion Paper Introduction

Argumentative essay introduction

Analytical Abortion Paper Introduction

Analytical essay introduction

How To Write An Excellent Abortion Research Paper Body With Relevant Examples

The body should have all your arguments. You should explain all your points comprehensively and give supporting facts. Include citations from credible sources where you get your information as well. You can include various ideas such as causes and types of abortion, methods of carrying out an abortion, and pros and cons of abortion. Below are relevant examples.

Argumentative Abortion Research Paper Body

Argumentative research paper body

Analytical Abortion Research Paper Body

How To Write An Excellent Abortion Research Paper Conclusion With Relevant Examples

The conclusion should summarize your thesis statement, results and findings, and recommendations where possible. Additionally, it should be short and precise, as seen in the following examples.

Argumentative Abortion Research Paper Conclusion

Argumentative essay conclusion

Analytical Abortion Research Paper Conclusion

Analytical essay conclusion
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Include A Reference Page

You must write all your references from where you got your research findings as this makes your arguments credible. 

Following these simple steps, you can write your abortion research paper quickly and get a good score.

How do you begin a research paper?

This link will guide you on how you can come up with brilliant ideas for your research paper

How can I write thesis?

Easy steps on how to write a thesis
1. Develop a research question from your assignment instructions.
2. Come up with the most appropriate answers and take a strong position for it.
3. Ensure to support your solutions with relevant sources as evidence and reasoning.

Can a thesis be a question?

A thesis cannot be a question because a thesis states the main ideas of your topic, and a question can only be a significant lead to writing a thesis.

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