As an MBA degree applicant, you might be wondering why MBA essay? It is through these essays that you prove your need and purpose for admission. 

Are you pursuing an MBA admission, and submitting an essay is one of the prerequisites? For you to gain entry for an MBA course, you will need to prove to the admission committee the fundamental reasons why you need an MBA as part of education credentials.

The majority of graduate students don’t understand the relevance of the essays, and they keep asking why MBA essay? Through this article, you will understand the significance of your MBA essay and what it features. 

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What Is Featured In An MBA Essay?

  • Required skills
  • The knowledge you lack
  • Any other anticipation
  • MBA essay questions 

Required skills

Through an MBA enrollment, you are entitled to gather more skills. However, for you to gain admission, your essay must highlight skills that you need, and you feel that only an MBA can help you accumulate and sharpen them. Therefore, ensure to concisely detail the skills your MBA course will help you achieve.

The knowledge you lack

As a degree holder, you need to pinpoint the knowledge that you lack and is only available through MBA training. The committee needs to understand how an MBA helps you achieve the experience you require towards realizing your goals. Therefore, ensure to avail profound facts and show what knowledge you necessitate and how fundamental and relevant it is to your career. 

Any other anticipation

Apart from skills and knowledge, you might have other needs that only an MBA can help sort. Therefore, ensure to highlight all your anticipations. However, your needs must synchronize with your career goals and future expectations. For instance, if the experience is your need, your essay must show how an MBA course helps garner exposure. 

MBA essay questions 

When applying for an MBA admission, you will be availed with essay prompts to tackle. Below are some common MBA essay questions.

  • What is your best and most tremendous achievement?
  • What outside activities interests you, and how do you blend these activities with your career?
  • Who is your best personality
  • How uniquely will you impact our student body once admitted?
  • How will an MBA help you?
  • What makes you feel that this is the right time for an MBA?
  • Why choose this school for your MBA?

Different institutions have their differing MBA essay prompts and questions. Nonetheless, all will ask why you are choosing their MBA course, and why do you feel that your enrollment into the program is timely. 

The trick of answering your MBA essay questions

The majority of the students fail to deliver unique essays due to a lack of authenticity and convincing power. The admission committee needs persuasion and convincing. Therefore, ensure to explain why you need an MBA training articulately. Your essay must eliminate half-baked concepts and ideas. Lack of consistency proves an inability to pursue an MBA degree. Therefore, take your time, understand your future needs, and how the training impacts your career. It is only then that you can answer the question entirely. 

Why MBA Essay?

MBA essays serve an imperative role in helping you communicate relevant information to the admitting board. The board gets to gather vital information that enables them to scrutinize your need for an MBA degree.

Here are three ways why MBA essay is necessary before admission. 

  • Proofs your commitment
  • Explains your future career goals
  • Enable the admission committee to eliminate high-risk admits.

Proofs your commitment

MBA training is not a walk in the park since it’s rigorous and demands a high level of keenness and commitment. Lack of commitment brings about dropping out of the program, which is something shocking to MBA institutions. 

Explains your future career goals

Your essay must clear the air and eliminate doubts that your application is emotional-based. Pinpoint the direction of your career. The admitting committee needs a thorough understanding of your life goals and how an MBA sharpens your career trajectory. 

Enable the admission committee to eliminate high-risk admits.

Some MBA applicants aren’t sure of the reasons why the training is necessary. Therefore, through your essay, the committee examines your commitment, course, and focus. MBA training is expensive and takes time. Thus, the school doesn’t want high risk admits occupying one of their spots. 

An MBA essay plays a vital and indisputable role in earning a spot in your school of choice. Therefore, ensure to understand what you need and explain your career path, future goals, and commitments. Nonetheless, show why this particular school blends well with your future anticipations.

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An Example Of How To Write An MBA Essay

Why I chose an MBA



Why I chose an MBA

An MBA is essential in many stages of one’s life, such as advancement in career and discovery of new research in a certain field of study. As a learner, an MBA provides tools and knowledge on starting and managing a new business. To begin with, MBA applicants have an opportunity to develop innovative and flexible managerial skills. Additionally, all people from different fields, such as senior workers and business people, may also apply. MBA classes will help one develop the knowledge and skills necessary for running an organization. Depending on the study program, one can create, advertise, and sell new commodities. After acquiring an MBA, one can handle challenging tasks (for instance, public conflicts and financial scandals that occurs in an organization. Conversely, I choose to do an MBA because a learner can specialize in different programs that fit his or her exact goals. For instance, I can specialize in international business as it offers opportunities to those who want to work in an international organization with different sub-locations.

However, as an MBA learner, one can have inordinate networking opportunities. Since people from different levels can freely interact, as students, I will interact with professionals and share ideas. Finally, I will get access to the widespread alumni network of the MBA program. The connection gives one an inordinate overview of the business and understanding of the minor changes in the business world. Among the positive impacts of choosing an MBA is that one gets a job fast compared to other regular Master’s graduates. Additionally, one can earn thrice as much as other regular masters and degree graduates in different fields.

I choose an MBA because I want to become an entrepreneur and learn how to run a business. MBA professors with experience in starting new business share knowledge on the main traps that one needs to elude and what he can do to ensure the organization grows. I can find MBA students who we have related interests and share our ideas with them to form a common vision. MBAs help students to change the field they are working in and increase business opportunities. However, one gets a chance to venture into a new organization or job functions and get experience. One can either study as an MBA online or a part-time student. Since a learner might be busy or engaged in other activities, the MBA offers flexible and convenient online programs.

Why do you want to do an MBA essay?

This question is normally asked to MBA students to make it clear to the committee why you chose the program. For example, I still need this knowledge to achieve objective X.

How do you start an MBA essay?

Here are the five easy steps on how to start an MBA essay:
1. Familiarize your self with the rules and basics of writing
2. Get to understand what the prompts need
3. Do an evaluation of yourself to ensure you are suited for the program
4. Follow the word count
5. Review and edit your essay before making your submission

How do you end an MBA essay?

The best way to end your MBA essay is that first of all you need to recite it, have a break between reviews, use personal leverage reviews and finally ensure you proofread before making you final submission.


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